Frequently Asked Questions

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We strive to improve hair transplant services with the latest technology and innovative techniques. The responsible approach of the specialists of the FUE Turkey hair transplant center provides our patients with an ideal aesthetic result. FUE Turkey Hair Transplant Center performs all seamless FUE hair transplantation procedures with maximum efficiency, meeting the needs of the patient, while maintaining high quality services at competitive prices. Our clinic cares about its patients and offers a convenient package of services that excludes additional costs.

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The first step is to contact FUE Turkey by completing the official patient form. Do not forget to attach 2-3 photos with clear shots of the problem area. Our consultants will contact you and provide detailed information about the extent and cost of the upcoming procedure. In order to reserve a date for a transfer, you will need to purchase an air ticket and send us your electronic version of the ticket, including: full name, flight number and time of your arrival.

FUE- ​​comes from the words “follicular single extraction”. The FUE method is a cosmetic procedure and donor material is used from one’s own hair. This procedure eliminates periods of long recovery, unnatural appearance, marks or scars. Such manipulation is carried out without the use of a scalpel or sutures. The FUE method was designed to relieve patients of the risks of scarring and pain (often associated with the FUT flap method).

A candidate for a hair transplant must have a sufficient amount of hair on the donor area, that is, on the occipital and temporal parts of the head. The donor area is the area of ​​the head, where the grafts come from. Before you decide to have surgery, think carefully about your expectations and keep in mind that the result may not always meet your expectations of perfect hair. Factors such as hair color, texture and waviness can affect the cosmetic result. Remember that there are limits to what can be achieved. For people with not very large volume of hair, this procedure is sometimes not recommended. Contact us for complete information.

The procedure for hair transplantation in our clinic takes several hours of one day. However, we recommend that you stay at the clinic/hotel for 1 more night after the procedure to prevent possible infections. It must be remembered that proper care contributes to a faster and more successful healing process. Your stay at the hotel/clinic is included in the total cost.

Our policy is to provide the necessary services during your stay. The price includes transfer from the airport to the hotel / clinic, 1-3 nights in a comfortable room (with TV, Wi-Fi internet, private bathroom and free meals), all tests and medicines. The price also includes a set of hair care products, a special bandana-bandage, a specialized pillow-headrest, which will be given to you at the clinic.

After the operation, the baldness process does not affect the transplanted grafts. Hair follicles must take root in a new place, after which they develop naturally and eventually take on a natural look. Under ideal conditions, the transplanted hair stays with you for life.

Definitely YES. We have numerous hair transplant surgeries performed on women.

Yes. As a rule, patients are booked 3 weeks before the procedure. We do not accept patients without prior registration. If you plan to visit Antalya, do not forget to contact Us 2-3 weeks in advance to book a free consultation with a specialist.

Many of our patients successfully combine a holiday in Antalya with a hair transplant procedure, devoting the last 3-4 days to hair transplantation. We strongly recommend that you notify us in advance of your arrival.

Absolutely painless! The operation is performed under local anesthesia and the patient does not feel any pain. Possible discomfort in the postoperative period is short-term. This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended to stay in the clinic after the operation.